October 24, 2008
Posthaste sails through state tax audit

After a two month review of thousands of documents, spanning business over the past five years, the Rio de Janeiro state tax collector has closed its tax audit at Posthaste "not finding any irregularities".

October 2008
Posthaste develops own rubber flip flop production in Minas Gerais

Posthaste Ltda. has partnered with a traditional rubber-sole footwear manufacturer in the state of Minas Geraias to produce a line of 100% Brazilian microporous rubber flip flops.

November 2007
Posthaste imports IGA brand IT products to Brazil
Taking advantage of the strong Brazilian Real, and the seemingly limitless thirst in Brazil for low cost electronics and IT supplies, Posthaste Ltda has launched the IGA brand for a range of IT related products. The products are sourced in Asia at strategic best-of-breed factories, for distribution through Brazilian retailers and wholesalers.

November 2006
Posthaste brings frozen, USDA organic açaí to San Francisco
Together with the Açaí Company of San Francisco (www.acaico.com), Posthaste is custom sourcing the ingredients for a frozen açaí product that will recreate the way this frozen Amazonian berry is served in the USA.

October 2006
Cachaça – the Brazilian national liquor: Posthaste delivers
Consulting for multinational beverage company, Posthaste was involved in project involving the exploration and export of cachaça, Brazil’s national liquor, to the USA.

June 2006
Posthaste exports footwear to more than 50 countries

Over the past 3 years, Posthaste has served over 10,000 clients through its retail ecommerce website. This effort has reached five continents, and over 50 countries. The site has thrived on worldwide appreciation for Brazil, and specifically for Brazilian rubber flip flops.

April 2006
Brazilian flip-flop factory looks to Posthaste for international sales
Posthaste is working with flip flop manufacturer Dupe S/A to bring custom-branded flip flops to clients around the world. We are now the official international representative for Dupe’s “private label” flip flop program.

June 2005
Posthaste gains official “exporter” status from Brazilian customs authorities
Only around 12,000 companies are licensed to export from Brazil. Posthaste is proud to be able to legally export and receive payment from foreign companies – our mission is to bring quality Brazilian products to buyers worldwide.

The official site for Braziliano Praia brand footwear, BrazilianoPraia.com shows the latest collections of our Brazilian made flip flops and heels, as well as press updates. Go to Braziliano Praia »

Posthaste has been working with the largest rubber flip flop factories in Brazil to do private label flip flops for diverse clients around the globe.
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