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November 2007
Posthaste imports IGA brand IT products to Brazil

Taking advantage of the strong Brazilian Real, and the seemingly limitless thirst in Brazil for low cost electronics and IT supplies, Posthaste Ltda has launched the IGA brand for a range of IT related products. The products are sourced in Asia at strategic best-of-breed factories, for distribution through Brazilian retailers and wholesalers.

The IGA brand will represent an attractively packaged, low cost, reliable version of popularly consumed IT products for the Brazilian market.

The first importation will occur by the end of 2007, and will consist of a line of CD-R and DVD-R media produced in Taiwan. The products will be featured at the IGA website www.igatech.com.br.

Further additions to the line will include other low cost IT supplies, such as CD and DVD cases, also computer accessories, memory cards, and MP3 players. The IGA brand could also extend to voice over IP (VoIP) telephones, which are being adapted to the Brazilian market, and IP-based security cameras.

Long considered a reliable and efficient export partner, Posthaste plans to bring this same efficiency to companies outside of Brazil that want to introduce their products to this enormous and dynamic marketplace. Posthaste is also available as an importation company for companies in Brazil wishing to source goods from abroad.

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