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October 2006
Cachaça – the Brazilian national liquor:  Posthaste delivers

Consulting for multinational beverage company,  Posthaste was involved in project involving the exploration and export of cachaça, Brazil’s national liquor, to the USA. 

Cachaça is widely consumed in Brazil, at a rate of roughly 1.5 billion liters per year.  It is part of the national culture, consumed pure or in the characteristic “caipirinha” drink with tropical fruits.

Recently, the beverage has been enjoying international recognition, especially in Europe.  The industry is rapidly transforming itself for what is hoped to be an explosion in international interest, as in the case of Mexican tequila.

The project involved dozens of producers and suppliers in Brazil, including small farm producers in the state of Minas Gerais, and large industrial suppliers from São Paulo.

To make appropriate contacts, we involved travel to the cachaça producing areas, and visits with representatives of the main players in the sector.

Findings were presented to the client in the United States for further action.

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