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November 2006
Posthaste brings frozen, USDA organic açaí to San Francisco

Together with the Açaí Company of San Francisco (www.acaico.com), Posthaste is custom sourcing the ingredients for a frozen açaí product that will recreate the way this frozen Amazonian berry is served in the USA.

The berry is only consumed fresh in it’s native growing region, the South American Amazon region.  Because it is highly perishable, outside this area, it must be frozen for transport and consumption.

All of the ingredients used in the project are USDA certified organic, and the suppliers must adhere to certain basic tenants of social responsibility.  The project also involved products produced from the Amazonian “guarana” berry and products extracted from sugar cane.

Nathan Wilson, founder of the Açaí Co., notes “Posthaste was a trusted partner in seeking the appropriate producers, visiting installations and building relationships in Brazil.  Posthaste was also vital in handling the export logistics, getting a frozen food product out of the complex Amazon region.”

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